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Custom Screen Printing in Santa Clarita

Silk Screen Printing:

We take your custom design and burn it to a screen. Each color requires its own screen to be burned. On larger orders we wave the screen set up fees, on smaller orders we have to charge set up fees. We are currently silk screening 6 color prints. On darker shirts, hoodies or sweats we must use 1 color for the white base allowing 5 stand out colors to be applied.

Direct To Garment (DTG Printing):

DGT has it's limitations for printing on darker apparel, yet offers an awesome print that is inked into the material of the garment. Darker colors on the lighter color apparel stand out and are barely felt by the hand, let alone the body.

Heat Transfers:

Heat Transfers are technically "iron-ons" like you can do at home making your own custom printed shirts, yet we use a high quality grade material for more vibrant colors and longevity.

And A Little More:

  • We have a huge selection of standard styles, materials, and colors.

  • If you do NOT have artwork, our in-house artist can render art just for you!

  • Screen set up fees can be waved with larger orders.


Our normal turnaround time is 7 business days. Have you procrastinated? Relax. Expedited turnaround, for a small fee, a 48 hour turnaround is available! Please call for details.

We specialize in custom silk screened prints and take pride in supporting local sports teams, race teams and businesses in Santa Clarita. If you have a Santa Clarita sports team, event or business contact us today!  We are based in Santa Clarita but can ship anywhere in the world.

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