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Personal Car to Company Vehicles

Vehicle Wraps

Company Vehicle:

A moving billboard is one of the most effective advertising tools currently available to the business community. Using your personal or business vehicle to advertise your company takes your marketing message to areas that you normally serve but also to the kinds of places that you may not necessarily think of targeting during your advertisements.

Lets say you are driving down Valencia Blvd in Santa Clarita, well you are now advertising on Valencia Blvd. Next you find yourself driving down Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, well you are now advertising your company in Hollywood. Clear and simple, it's next level advertising at an affordable price.

Car Wraps:

New Paint can be costly, and lets face it, one color and specialty paints can cost a small fortune.  A custom wrap can make a bold statement at a fraction of the cost of custom paint.

Store Fronts:

Wrapping Glass store front in Santa Clarita is a way to take your brand and target marketing to the next level. We do basic vinyl lettering, but to wrap your door or window is appealing to potential customers who are just driving by.

A Little More Information:

Most wrap jobs take a couple days and the work is done at our Santa Clarita location. We are willing to travel, but we do add travel expense to the cost.

The vehicle must be clean, and we mean very clean to assure a proper application of the wrap. We can recommend a local Santa Clarita Auto Detail company if you would like the added touch of detailed interior.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us, or use the contact form on our Contact Us page.

Company Vehicle Wrap in Santa Clarita
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